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Music Training Gives You:





Mental exercise

Improved memory

Better communication

Appreciation of the arts

Physical control

Advantages of Training with KNB:

Systems that simplify every process

Never feel stupid or incapable

Every lesson is custom-tailored to your personal goals

Broad spectrum skill sets

Focus on creating charismatic magnetism

Access to professional resources

Acces to outlets for performing

Emphasis on turning your art into your livelihood

Dedication to having fun while learning

Music & Entertainment CoachAfter more than 50 years of performing, writing, directing, and producing shows, guess what? My most valuable asset turns out to be my ability to bring out the best in other performers. I love helping people to perform at their highest level, whether they're singing, playing, acting, dancing, or speaking.

The most fundamental element you need to refine is your ability to communicate through your art, whatever form it is, so that the communication reaches the audience in its purest form and lifts them up and out of the mundane world.

My special love is working with people who are either already professional, aspiring to be professional, or at least wishing to bring their skills to a nearly professional level.

In addition to preparing an artist for the professional world, I have a 5-decade-long history of excellent ties to the best of the best in arts & entertainment industries. For those students who reach their potentials, I'm happy to help them make the leap from amateur to pro.

Which one of these topics calls to you? If you're focused on more than one, I just combine the elements of your interest so that each area feeds into the other.

  • How to Play Piano the Way You Want
  • How to Sing and Find Your Own Voice
  • How to prepare for study with associate celebrity voice coaches
  • Music Theory (based on my own fast and easy system)
  • Sight Reading and Sight Singing (based on my own fast and easy system)
  • Ear Training (based on my own fast and easy system)
  • How to Sing Jazz (Including Scat Singing)
  • How to Completely Erase Stage Fright
  • How to Create Charisma
  • How to Win the Audition
  • How to Prepare for The Voice, America‚Äôs Got Talent, or Pageant type competitions
  • How to Sing for the Camera
  • How to Never Ever Forget Your Lyrics or Scripts
  • How to Make the Leap from Amateur to Pro
  • How to Turn the Song in Your Mind into Sheet Music and a Demo

Students are accepted based on an interview/audition process. Lessons are acquired in 4, 8, 12, or 16-week packages. Contact me at for application form and pricing information. You may qualify for partial scholarship.